For more than 50 years, Aikido Ai has educated students in Whittier and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping students learn new skills and open doors to a new future. Visit us to learn more.

Aikido class line-up
Shomen at front of classroom.
Sensei starting weapons class.
Seniors morning tai chi class.
Taiko seminar students.
Fun after exams.
Qigong students in seminar.
Aikido begins with the first step.
Taiko workshop.
Aikido exam.
Sitting in seize for class.
Everyone in a taiko seminar.
Teja Bell seminar.
Long staff demonstration.
World-class master teachers.
Taiko class on a Saturday.
Nidans: Louis Celaya and Chris Johnson
Kathryn Metz 4th kyu blue sash.jpeg

Why Train at Aikido Ai?

Classic training in Aikido and Tai Chi seeks the resolution of conflict, not only with others but also within ourselves.

Aikido-Ai of Southern California is under the direction of Sensei Frank McGouirk, 7th Dan, Shihan. With more than 50 years of experience teaching aikido and tai chi, and decades of training in Zen, his philosophy has shaped the development of many advanced instructors and black belts as well as countless happy students. 

Students remark that they feel at home here. Instruction at Aikido-Ai is non-intimidating. Our highly respected and skilled teachers lead with a sense of humor and enjoyment of their art. 

The dojo is a refuge from a hectic world for students seeking a commitment to self development. The friendships formed with fellow students can last a lifetime. 


Aikido Classes

Joe DePonte masters Grasping Bird's Tail.

Tai Chi Classes


Our Aikido Instructors

Lives Dedicated to Learning and Seeking Wisdom.

Our Aikido instructors demonstrate the dedication to lifelong training as exemplified by the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. These photos are from our aikido classes. Click the button to see a short bio for each of our aikido instructors.

Class instruction.
Nidans: Louis Celaya and Chris Johnson
Sensei starting weapons class.
Louis's Nidan Exam 2017

Our Tai Chi and Qigong Instructors

Helping Every Student Get Better Daily.

Many of our Tai Chi and Qigong instructors began their training as adults seeking health, stress reduction, gentle exercise, or other benefits that tai chi and qigong offers. They know many of the challenges that new students can be facing and want to help to overcome them. Click through to see their stories.

Tai chi instructors Suzette, Jennifer, Linda, and Sensei.
Sensei Frank outdoors with Hotai statue.
Jennifer Higa, Tai Chi and Aikido.
Linda Hill in Narrow Blade Jian.

One Month Free Lessons

It's easy to join the fun.

For BRAND NEW STUDENTS, we offer ONE FREE MONTH to try and then decide.


Choose your desired style (Aikido or Tai Chi, Adult or Kids). The next free sessions will start on:

  • February 1, Saturday (adults) - Tai Chi 9 AM, Aikido 10:15 AM

  • February 4, Tuesday (kids) - 5 PM

  • February 5, Wednesday (adults) - Tai Chi 6 PM, Aikido 7:15 PM

  • February 7, Friday (kids) - 5 PM

  • March 4, Wednesday, (adults) - Tai Chi 6 PM, Aikido 7:15 PM

  • March 6, Friday, (kids) - 5 PM

  • March 7, Saturday (adults) - Tai Chi 9 AM, Aikido 10:15 AM

  • March 10, Tuesday (kids) - 5 PM

Request your free classes by using the email form below. 


  • Click on the button below to request your One Month Free Lessons. 

  • Tell us: Do you want Aikido or Tai Chi?

  • Which day? Choose:

    • For Kids Aikido beginners: either Tuesday OR Friday at 5 p.m.

    • For Adult Tai Chi:  either Wednesday 6 p.m.​ OR Saturday 9 a.m.

    • For Adult Aikido: ​​either Wednesday 7:15 p.m. OR Saturday 10:15 a.m.

  • We will add you to the One Month Free Lessons roster and confirm your details by return email, and you can start!


Note: This offer is only available by signing up on this website, using the email form below. No walk-in's.

Note: Our One Month Free Lessons are not part the Whittier Park & Rec program, even though Aikido Ai teaches both programs. Students who were or are signed up on the Whittier Park & Rec roster are not eligible for the One Month Free Lessons offer as they are no longer brand new students. 


Contact Us at 
Aikido Ai

Use the form below to:

  • RSVP for seminars and special events. 

  • Request One Month Free beginner classes. Choose aikido or tai chi and which day of the week.

    • Kids Aikido: Tuesday or Friday​

    • Adults Aikido or Tai Chi: Wednesday or Saturday

  • Ask us a question.

We'll get back to you as quickly as possible. ​

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