Aikido Ai's Mt. Baldy Retreat

Using Zen and Martial Arts to Find Beginner's Mind.

This year, our first VIRTUAL Mt. Baldy Retreat brings the trainings that we study on the mountain retreat to the comfort of your home!

A one-day online event, this Mt. Baldy Retreat will give you a spot in the front of the class as master instructors share with you the energy and techniques in meditation, qigong, tai chi and aikido. 

In 1982, Frank McGouirk Sensei and Joshu Sasaki Roshi agreed on the first Aikido Ai retreat at Mt. Baldy Zen Center. Thus began a long friendship between Aikido Ai and the Zen Center. Our retreat is unique in the aikido and tai chi communities, a forerunner that continues to draw participants from across the country year after year. With the impact of the pandemic closing all training events at the historic Zen monastic center, we want to help by sending all proceeds of this event to the monks. It's what friends do for friends. It's Right Action.

The Mt. Baldy Zen monks will be leading meditation sessions that you're invited to try before the start of our online event. We will provide the link to all registered participant! Here's a chance to sit Zen with the monks virtually.

Please take a look at the schedule and registration for our six-hour event. You'll see how we have made it comfortable for everyone to attend. We will record the event and you can watch it as often as you want for the three weeks after the live training on May 29th. All registered participants will receive a link to the event and to the recording, even if you register during or after the event. 

See the schedule and details here. 

You ask, "Is this for me?"  Absolutely. Here's why.

  • About a third of our participants are first-timers with very little experience in anything martial or meditative. 

  • About a third are multi-black belts seeking to deepen the mental aspects of their arts.

  • The rest are a mix of all ages and abilities, including curious first-timers and pro's who return often. 

Come study up close with world-class instructors sharing great skill and compassion. Meditate, move, and discover fresh awareness of your world. 

Click here for list of instructors and details.

We hope you will join in from your own tablet or computer. Please share this event with your curious friends, plus any of those folks who have been home all year and want something new to do while staying safe.  

See you on the mountain... actually, on your computer!



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